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I Haven't Forgotten!

Posted on February 26, 2018 at 11:00 PM
I haven't given this place enough attention lately. I have been so busy with running the kids to their appointments and working on the Etsy shop (link below). I am working on getting the word out there about the hearing aid charms. So many people have said they love the idea! I love all of the out pouring of encouragement! 
It has really been building my excitment. I may not have a physical shop set up, but we have one that is growing in size online. It is very exciting! I have even begain to think about the possibilities of teaching the basics of crochet. It would be in a small intamite Facebook group.
I do have a few projects in mind that I am hoping to put in the works soon. One of which is a jewwlry holder for my little girl. She has a ever growing stash of necklaces and bracelets. She is also falling in love with many of the hearing aid charms. I have to hide them from her so she doesn't try to take them all. She loves the bling and shoes! A girl after her momma's heart!
I have been a bit frazzled as of late. I am working on our new school curriculum, thereapy appointments, crocheting projects, and working on jewelry. I am putting on the blinders and digging into organization. Please bear with me. I will be writing more!

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