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Poptart People and Hearing Aid Charms!

Posted on January 22, 2018 at 12:55 PM
I am so excited! 
My daughter is deaf. She uses hearing aids to hear. I avoided getting her ears pierced in fear that she would yank them out pulling her hearing aids. She started to notice my earrings. She would point to my ears and then her own. So I started looking for ideas to give her "earrings." I wasn't disappointed. I found charms that can hang on the tubbing. Then I thought "Why buy something from someone else when I can make them for her. So I grabbed what charms I had and made her some charms. She loved them! They even have helped her keep the hearing aids in!
I soon posted them on Facebook and everyone loved the idea! There have been so many people tell me I should market them. I figured, why not? Here are some of the charms. I have since added more charms and am working on making more!

Then my cousin messaged me and asked if I crochet. Yes! She sent me a picture of a poptart that had been crocheted. She wanted me to make one. So I told her sure! I will try my hardest to make one. The first one was large, but cute. She then asked if I could make one the size of a poptart. This time it worked out! What do you think? 
Not bad for free handing! They were so fun to make! I am thinking of putting them on our Etsy shop! Link is below. I love them!  I hope you like them to! 

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