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Perfect Christmas Morning

Posted on December 25, 2017 at 10:25 PM

You dream of the perfect Christmas morning. You make plans to wake up before the kids and set an alarm for 6am. The morning of you wake up make your cinnamon rolls, get your makeup on, and have the fireplace going (real or fake). You get ready to see the kid’s reactions as they see what Santa brought them.

Nope. Both kids have been struggling with a head cold.

It is 3:40 in the morning the toddler is at the door crying and refuses to go back to bed. The six year old wakes up and needs to go potty, but asks “Did Santa come yet?” So you let them to the bathroom blocking the tree so there aren’t any peeking eyes. You finally get the toddler to lay down and hope she drifts off back to sleep. Instead she wants to get up and play with her toys. You sneak out of the room hoping that she will go back to bed on her own.
4:48am more crying and screaming. You lay down beside her. She finally drifts off to sleep.

6am the alarm goes off. This isn’t happening.

6:40am Toddler crying at the door. Ask husband to lay with her. She isn’t happy and doesn’t want daddy. He gets cranky. You go into the kids room and let them get up, but tell them to stay in the room until mommy comes to get them. You start coffee, put the cinnamon rolls in the oven, and let the kids out. The 6 year old is very excited to see that Santa did in fact make it to our house. Breakfast isn’t ready and both kids are crabby. Everyone is crabby! You threaten to make them stand out in the cold until they can apologize for being cranky. Everyone is now in a better mood. Santa ate his cookie, cupcake, and his eggnog. He also took the two rubbery carrots (6 year old pulled them out days early and stuck them in the top of the fridge) for his reindeer.

Breakfast is eaten. Coffee enjoyed. Ham in the oven for Christmas dinner. Mom video calls. “You haven’t opened presents?”

Open gifts while on video call. Both kids happy with their gifts. Mommy is happy.

The day goes on. You have dinner. The toddler doesn’t feel good and gets cranky. Nap time. Refuses to nap.

So mommy sits with her rocking and singing.

Today could have been much worse, but at the point when everyone was cranky and complaining I decided that it would not define our day. I explained that today of all days we should be celebrating the joys and company of one another. We will be grateful and love on one another. It is Christmas Day! Jesus Christ is born and oh what a glorious time to celebrate that love!
Bedtime brings the same snuggles, rocking, and singing. These are the times I am so grateful I get to have. God blessed me with so much.

We have a choice when we get up in the morning. To be cranky, for whatever reason, or get up like its Christmas Day and not let anyone or anything dampen our spirits!
Merry Christmas!
I hope you have a splendid new year!
Rosie J




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