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Posted on February 16, 2017 at 11:05 PM

Photography for me is my outlet, along with crafting. My subjects include people, life, events, and most of all nature.

Now don't get me wrong when I say "I'm not a people pesron." I'm an introvert by nature and enjoy my time alone.

I do like people and often times spend quality time with friends and family. Portraits are agonizing for me. To make people and children sit still is a job in itself. Posing is hard for younger children. For them picture day can be fun or it can be scary. Sometimes they will be shy, other times to busy bodied. When shooting people I lean more to candid photography. Sessions seem to turn out better when people and kids arent focused on posing, or the camera. They can be themselves, as if nothing is going on around them.

One of my favorite subjects to shoot are flowers and animals. I take pleasure in flower gardening and reaping the reward of God's beauty. I try to take try to take the kids to the local zoo as often as I can. They enjoy getting out of the house to see the animals. It is good exersize, educational, and therapeutic for me. You never know what the animals will be doing each time you visit. We also to go with good friends on nature walks. They provide us with fresh air, exersize, and an oppootunity to capture nature at its finest. With nature photography, you dont have to worry about disappointing the client with less than perfect work. Birds arent going to point out that I didnt get their "good side." 

My most favorite subjects to shoot are my children. I want to capture their growth and their spirit. Sometimes the just dont want to do pictures, so we try it again in a few days. My son loves to take photos. He enjoys spending time with mommy. Sessions often are filled with laughter and end with great pictures. I have'nt gotten a good opportunity to have a one on one shoot with my daughter, but I hope this changes soon. 

I love capturing the beauty of nature and sharing with those who are unable to see it for themselves.

It lets people see the world through my lens.

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